Advertising Boycott on Glenn Beck's Show: Costs to Fox

In August of 2009, companies began pulling their advertising from Glenn Beck's show. Advertisers fled from Beck's show as a direct result of the vitriol, misinformation, and racially charged rhetoric that Beck perpetuates. This exodus of advertisers caused prices on Beck's show to drop precipitously: Not only does Beck's show now air fewer ads than before, but also, the same ad aired on Beck's show and another primetime show costs significantly less to air on Beck's show, meaning less revenue for Fox.

BSkyB Shares Rise at $2.5 Billion Cost to Shareholders

In June of 2010, News Corp made an initial bid to acquire 61% of BSkyB (British Sky Broadcasting, which is the largest satellite provider in the UK), which, on top of its other 39%, would give News Corp total ownership of the company. At the time, BSkyB was trading at 700 pence per share, and 61% of the company would have cost News Corp $11.3 billion. In the ten subsequent months, in which the regulatory process was further slowed by fears of Foxification of British news, the share price of BSkyB has increased to 835 pence per share. The acquisition of BSkyB would now cost News Corp $14.8 billion. If and when the deal goes through, shareholders will absorb a $2.5 billion increase in price.

Fox News Gave Potential Presidential Candidates $55 Million In Free Advertising

In a January 24, 2011, report, Media Matters estimated the cost advertisers would pay for the more than 85 hours of airtime Fox gave to each of the potential GOP presidential candidates (Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, John Bolton, and Rick Santorum) in 2010. Advertisers would have spent about $54.7 million total. Of that amount, advertisers would have spent about $31 million for Huckabee's time for the year. Gingrich's and Palin's time each would have cost advertisers about $7.5 million each for the entire year. Santorum's estimated ad value equivalency for the year comes to almost $5 million, while Bolton's is approximately $3.7 million.